Mumbai Mirror

Mayanagri Mumbai – City of Dreams

In its journey from being a holy abode of Mumba Devi to the colonially settled Mumbai of Bollywood vintage to its latest incarnation as corporate powerhouse Mumbai, the city has retained its basic fabric that keeps people from all walks of life falling over in love with it, day in day out.

From Haji Ali to Siddhivinayak, Sea link to Dhobi ghat ,  crowded local trains to swanky mercs, Mangeshkars to Tendulkars , Bright Hotel Taj to dark slum of Dharavi – this city offers extremes in all walks of life. Yet, it is like a loving mother with open arms that makes you one of its own within a day at best.

Exploring Mumbai : In my attempt to do so, I have presented quintessential, unadulterated Mumbai through the medium I know best – Pictures. I hope this collection says more than a thousand words. This city never sleeps. It keeps dreaming. It rises again stronger in resolve after setbacks. I have enjoyed the energetic mornings and electric evenings. I hope my work “Mumbai Mirror” inspires you to positivity and dreams as I present the city I fell in love with – Aamchi Mumbai.




dhobi ghat
dhobi ghat
Long exposure
Long exposure

sea water


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